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What People are Saying...

"In every way, Ilana exceeded our expectations…Ilana did everything we could have hoped for to prepare the house, thinking of many details we would not have even considered. Additionally, the marketing material was the highest quality I have seen and the picture quality was unbelievable…


In the end, this “all-in” everything goes effort by Ilana delivered a transaction that exceeded our expectations in every way. We could not be happier and I firmly believe few, if any other agents, could have negotiated and delivered this deal. I could not be a more enthusiastic reference for her work…" 

John and Jennifer | Sellers, Ashbury Heights (Sold in 2015)

Exterior photo of house

"If you are like us and prefer a stress-free approach to selling your house and want your realtor to take care of nearly everything, including remodeling, hiring contractors, staging, and everything else that goes with selling a house in a market that is even crazier than usual due to the covid-19 pandemic, and on top of that you want your house to be sold over asking in as little time as possible, then Ilana is the obvious real estate agent for you! She handled the sale of our property while we were abroad and was a wizard at everything! She found contractors to do remodeling, hired a truly amazing stager, and was amazing when it came to marketing. Ilana is such a pro that our house went on the market on August 6 and we received an offer on the 10th and went into contract over asking with zero contingencies on the 11th! Ilana's extensive experience led to a contracting process that was a breeze.

Thank you Ilana! "

Oliver and Krista | Sellers, Potrero Hill

“Ilana is excellent! With her strong knowledge of the SF market, we were able to sell my home at a price point well beyond my expectation. I first met Ilana at an open house in the neighborhood and knew that I wanted to work with her when the time came to sell. She is intuitive, empathetic, and has great relationships in the area. She recommended ideas that enabled us to get a great price - from beautiful modern staging to hosting multiple open houses. Ilana was very transparent throughout the entire process and kept me updated with detailed accounts throughout the entire process. Ilana is a strategic negotiator and will ensure you extract maximum value.”


Tera | Seller, Cole Valley

Interior shot of home
Interior shot of home

"We had known Ilana for a couple of years from our neighborhood in Cole Valley. One night just before Christmas we called her with a big ask - help us buy our dream house that had just come on the market. We had to sell our condo at the exact same time to make it happen. Both had to happen really fast and we were leaving the country in a couple of days for the holidays. We just had to have it and we knew we could trust her to help us get the job done for us!


Ilana moved mountains to make our speedy purchase go through - nothing was too much trouble, she made problems go away in a second and was so incredibly efficient and professional. She sold our flat fast and very smoothly. She knows the business inside out and is an absolute pleasure to work with. And her relationships she has established with lenders, other realtors and contractors helped enormously to make the process as easy as possible.


What a joy she is, and we'll always be so grateful she helped us buy our dream house. And we would definitely recommend her to anyone I ever hear needing to buy or sell a property."   



Amanda and Stuart | Buyer and Sellers, Cole Valley

Ilana is an awesome Realtor to work with. She is super prompt, passionate about her work and easy to work with. She makes personal connections with each of her client, which makes her special. And finally, her negotiation skills are great and she will do what is best for you and also has the best connections in the market (whether you are looking for lenders or house inspectors or contractors). If you are buying or selling, I would highly recommend her!

Bhargavi and Venkatesh | Buyers, Portola and Forest Hills

Exterior shot of home
Exterior shot of house

"Ilana Minkoff was instrumental in helping us buy our San Francisco house and recently sell that same house (in the midst of the pandemic).  Buying and selling a house can be among the more stressful and complicated experiences in life.  Navigating that complexity requires a thoughtful, experienced, and ethical broker.  Ilana Minkoff is that broker!  Real estate is her passion and she is great at it. 


I recommend Ilana most enthusiastically!"


David | Buyer and Seller, Ashbury Heights

(Bought in 2015 and Sold in 2020)

"Ilana took the time to get to know us on a personal level. We were new to buying, and she guided us through every step of the process. She helped ensure we understood the market, the keys to negotiation, and the risks involved with buying & selling. She even introduced us to the lenders that we ended up selecting. She's incredibly patient - helping to ensure we didn't rush an offer when it wasn't the right fit. She's definitely someone you want on your side when it comes to the negotiation, from pushing to get your offer in front of sellers, to knowing the right tactics on counter-offers, etc. We owe her one as she ultimately helped us find a great deal -- one that was originally priced outside our range. She identified the opportunity to offer less than asking and we got it which is almost unheard of in the Bay Area! And her support doesn't end when the deal closes - she still reminds us to pay property taxes, and has given us tips on remodeling as well."

Mike and Kailee | Buyers, Cole Valley

Exterior shot of house
Exterior shot of house

" As everyone knows the San Francisco real estate market is one of the most competitive in the world. If you're looking to buy a home you will need to arm yourself with a top notch agent and Ilana Minkoff is a secret weapon. We were looking to buy a condo in SF and fortunately we started our search with Ilana. She gets to know you and all the places you've called home in the past to really understand what the comforts of home mean to you. This type of personalized attention is just one of the things that makes working with Ilana so rewarding.

Ilana is also super focused and responsive. In a market that moves in the blink of an eye we needed someone who moves quickly and she was always available to us. She knows the market and most its players and for our condo she was able to get us in to see it before the first open house which was key. She guided us through exactly what we needed to do to get what we wanted and in taking her advice we got it! Her negotiation skills are top-notch and it's easy to see that she truly loves what she does. You can tell she is having fun in the process and makes going along for the ride a fun one too. I HIGHLY recommend Ilana--she is the best!"

Sharon | Buyer, Lone Mountain, Seller Outer Richmond

"Ilana is really awesome. Let me count the ways:

1) Ilana is sharp, experienced, moves quickly, responds quickly and is laser focused on her clients. She has access to all kinds of properties I wasn't able to find myself.

2) She has great insights into the features of a house that fits her client...even smaller things like having a tub or not. I was amazed by the things she flagged for me I hadn't even considered.

3) She's just a great person. Fun, outgoing, funny, caring. A joy to work with.

I've already referred Ilana to friends of mine, and they similarly had a great experience. Can't recommend her highly enough!"


Alex | Buyer, Upper Haight

Exterior shot of house
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